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Friday, December 03, 2004

Google loves Blogger

It's well known that spammers and some link-whores do whatever is in their hands to get listed in a good place in search engines. They began using keyword lists created with keyword generators, some of them specially designed to get more revenue with Google's Adsense service, spammed usenet newsgroups, forums, guestbooks and mail lists with links to their site, used wiki boards to link to their website, spammed weblog comments and now they are creating blogs like this one whose only purpose is to make the spammers web get high ranked when people do a search in Google. I have come across several weblogs like this one this past week.

I thought Google no longer updated pagerank, but I might be wrong.
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Blogger azzslapper said...

Yeah.. I've come across them as well. They're a pain in the arse! Actually google is still updating their page rank system, but it's just that the google toolbar no longer shows the correct pagerank. Apparently it's for "entertainment" purposes in the toolbar only.

In other words, we're no longer showing it in the toolbar but haven't gotten round to pulling that bit of code from it yet...

The rank given in the toolbar can be anywhere up to and beyond six months old, as their simply not updating whatever database the toolbar pulls it's info from.

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spammers can create all the blogs they want - it doesn't affect me at all since I never do searches on the topics they spam for in the first place.

9:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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