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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ironies of life

This photograph taken through a police bus window shows an African woman that came to Spain in a small boat with another 37 people (six pregnant women and three babies) and was arrested before disembarking.

Background: Each day dozens of immigrants try to arrive to the coast of Spain in small and overcrowded ships that most of the times are intercepted by the Police or, unfortunately, wreck down a few miles from the coast.

For all you non-Spanish readers that don't get the irony in this picture, "salida de socorro" means "emergency exit" and that trip to the Police Station will probably be the beginning of a new life in Europe for that woman as most of south/central African countries illegal immigrants cannot be sent back to their homeland as they come here with no passport or their countries don't accept them back. So this woman has escaped her old life using the emergency exit. The new life as illegal immigrant won't be easy, at least at first, but it is a new oportunity for her at least.

Good luck!
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Blogger angie kruger said...

Great post.

4:24 PM

Blogger suki said...

that's a very moving image.

8:17 AM

Blogger Didou said...

The journey crossing the Mediterranean Sea can be so hard that the people who do survive it are changed forever & most of the time it's not in a positive way. They sometimes see relatives die, or even their babies. Once they're on the other side, their new life always has a bitter sweet taste.

Very moving picture.

8:46 AM


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