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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Something's wrong when Iran wants Bush reelection

Why would a muslim theocratic state that has been and is a declared enemy of the US would support an ultra-christian, anti-muslim, ultra-conservative, and pro-war president like GW Bush?

What does your enemy always want for you? The worst.
Think about it.

Read more:
[Escuchando: Newroz - Fermin Muguruza - Kontrabanda (4:16)]

[Escuchando: Armagideon Tenoreko Aztarnak - Fermin Muguruza - Kontrabanda (4:27)]


Blogger Vigilant Times said...

That was spin regarding Iran. See this article from Iran No, the MSM is not biased, right? Arafat endorses Kerry, but the MSM wont put that on air. Figures.

10:40 PM

Blogger Miss Qt said...

I don't care about politics here in France but I've been very much into whats going on in the USA with Bush and Kerry. I wanted Kerry to vote and I still do but both candidates are not fit for that kind of job. Some are going to say that I should be talking because of our president here! lol

9:16 AM


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