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Thursday, September 30, 2004

No more "bandwith exceeded" messages
As I've been quite disconected from the world for some time I'm getting lots of "Monthly Bandwith exceeded" messages, specially when trying to get a video. So I've decided to make a comment about a couple of handy and free online services that will free a lot of our upstream using them as cache.
The first of them is Coral, a project developed by the NYU Secure Computer Systems
To use CoralCDN, a content publisher---or someone posting a link to a high-traffic portal---simply appends to the hostname in a URL. Through DNS redirection, oblivious clients with unmodified web browsers are transparently redirected to nearby Coral web caches. These caches cooperate to transfer data from nearby peers whenever possible, minimizing both the load on the origin web server and the end-to-end latency experienced by browsers

Do you still wonder how can you -as webmaster- can use this service to save some of your bandwith using these services? It's easy, you just have to place the 'cached' link as a primary download site and the original link as secondary.

Example of download links using Coral:
Primary download:
Secondary download:

Notice that I only had to add that string in red after the servers url (not at the end).

Another service you can use is Freecache, a project developed by The Internet Archive. For the final user it works as Coral although it's slightly different.

To create a Freecache link you only have to add at the beginning of your link.

You must notice that Freecache service is often down, but don't worry because when it's down it redirects the connection to the original link.


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