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Monday, June 21, 2004

Orkut time

I know some of you already know what Orkut is, as some of you are members but I'll make a small review of it for those who don't know what it is.
We can define Orkut as a friend community like friendster, although there are some diferences between both services and, like Gmail, is also a Beta-test service provided by Google (so you need to get invited before joining).

It has a friend finder (almost a clone of the one in Friendster) where you can find people that fits your needs.

Probably the main feature Orkut has is that you can join communities, they work like miniforums or newsgroups and you can create/join any community you find interesting. I think this is the only good point of Orkut, as it might replace the famous Yahoo Groups.

Now that I've given you a short tour of it's services I will give my personal opinion.
They ask you hundreds of questions to fill your profile (I suppose they'll be used to make consumer stats), more questions even that Friendster. If you fill the complete profile I'm pretty sure that you will learn things about you that you didn't even knew.

Most of the communities are dead, some of them haven't been accessed since April or so and that is a big problem if you join a community to ask something as the question will probably never be answered or even read. So maybe they should consider cleaning some old groups.

Anyways the service is good and fast (it only takes you seconds to invite a friend or join a community) although it still has conection problems, but that's normal if we consider that it's still in testing phase. If the Google crew ever make a IM proggie for it I'm sure it would throw MSN messenger to the ground.
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