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Friday, June 18, 2004

My personal Gmail review with screenshots
I have been testing Gmail and it lacks a few features some other mail accounts have, the good thing is that there are some free programs available that bypass them

Gmail doesn't have an embedded pop mail fetcher, and there are some mail providers that don't allow automatic mail forwarding. If you want to forward the mail from your Hotmail or POP3 mail accounts you can use GetMail. It will do resend all your messages to your Gmail account.

Gmail autorefreshes the browser window, so you'll know when you have new mail if you have the browser opened, but if you miss a new mail notifier for your Gmail account like those embedded in MSN Messenger or Yahoo IM you should try GTray, it'll show a small balloon everytime you get a new mail message.

I have used it and I must advise you a couple of things, it's really a pain making it work in a Win98 box and it uses Internet Explorer to browse the mail.

Now, if we want to browse our Gmail from a pop mail client we only need 'Pop Goes the Gmail', this tiny proggie will allow you to do it

It needs .NET runtimes to be installed in your system.

Another good thing Gmail has is, obviously, the mailbox 1Gb limit. Some might look at it as the perpetual mailbox, if you think so then you might upload all the mail in your local mailbox or mail directory to Gmail. There's no need to do it by hand, as Mark Lyon has written a script for us he calls 'Mbox & Maildir to Gmail Loader (GML)'.
Update: BizarroMan has writen a GMLGUI for this program, so it's even easier to use. You can get it here.
It's writen in .NET, so I don't recommend you to use it if you don't have .NET framework already installed

But this is not a flaming post. Gmail has really cool features apart from the storage. These are some of the features that make Gmail it different from other mail accounts:

It groups mails in conversations (not in a threaded way like some mail clients) and it shows a small popup at the bottom of the page showing the name of the next reply.

It has a comprehensive search (what else could we expect from Google)

It has a nice span filter, if the automatic filter doesn't works for you you can easily configure a filter or denounce it:

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