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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cameraman kiled by US tank has been oficially labeled as a "victim of terrorism"

Jose Couso Cameraman Telecinco was killed in Baghdad when a U.S. tank fired a shell at the media hotel where they were working, April 8, 2003. Credited Spanish and foreign journalists in the place of the facts have contradicted the version of the Pentagon, that has justified the action by the presence of snipers in the high part of the building.

The U.S.A. has shell of artillery the hotel in which they lodge most of the international journalists who cover the information with the war in Iraq. The camera of Tele 5 Jose Couso and the Ucranian camera of Reuters Taras Protsyuk have died. Other three journalists of this agency have been hurt.
Quoted from: Fotoartmagazine

Well, it seems the young Spanish government has declared this journalist 'victim of terrorism'. This will allow his family to get economic aid from the government. Maybe the first step to consider this murder as an American State Terrorist attack. I hope so.
Via: El Mundo


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