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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Something's wrong when a hospital becomes a military target
I have tried hard to keep uninformed all this week, I took special care to read/watch/hear as few international news as I could. I thought that keeping myself ignorant of the World's happenings would clean my mind making it easy to understand why so many people support two things I cannot understand:
- Bush reelection
-The invasion of Iraq

I think I'm almost in understanding (note that I said understand and not share) why 59054087 USA Americans gave GWB a new opportunity to fix the mess he has involved the USA in. Fear and a 'someone to believe in' feelings have given him more votes than his own campaign ads.

I haven't found the slightest reason to support what 'the coalition' troops are doing in Iraq. I was beginning to think that those voters don't support the war but they don't really care about it (watching only TV series and sports can easily make you feel nothing about everything) but when I opened the afternoon's newspaper today and read that the first military action USA Army took today in Fallujah's raid was invading town's hospital. It inmediately reminded me some actions taken in Chechnya by terrorists against hospitals or the Israeli attacks against ambulances. I remember the USA already bombed at least another two hospitals in the Gulf war and in Afghanistan, in both cases the USA Army either denied it or said it was an error.

The fact that the USA admitted the invasion of the town's hospital as the first stage to the raid proves that the USA no longer respects the rules of war. Will massive and indiscriminate WWII style bombings be the next? Oh, wait. They are already doing it.

Read full story: MSNBC - Thousands of U.S. troops enter Fallujah
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Blogger Harrison said...

FYI - since Mr. Kerry insisted "every vote be counted"--in the off chance he could still win--the total for President Bush now exceeds 61 million. Perhaps you could update your records.

You admit to being uninformed, so perhaps you also missed the new documentation connecting Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. Hospitals and mosques were/are being used as ammo depots and sniper hideout.

The United States does not retreat when we are attacked by outside forces--who were funded by Saddam Hussein...unlike some counties I could name. We will take the battle to them before we allow them to destroy our country.

8:30 AM

Blogger pri said...

Well, first of all thanks for posting.

Then I must argue a couple of topics I disagree with you.

When you say that I'm uninformed you might think that I'm still in my no-news reading retirement, and I'm not. I've learned that the news I don't like won't change even if I refuse to look at them like, for example, some media in some countries force their countrymen to do.

Saying that Iraq had ties with Al Qaeda before the invasion (because we all know that after the country colapsed it became to be a huge training/recluting camp for all different terrorist organizations) would be something like saying that Iran has ties with the USA. Al Qaeda is based upon the idea of reinstalling wahhabism at least in the land of the old Islamic Empire and Sadam ruled a laic country where the only islamic interpretation allowed was sunnism. Any connection between them is a lie like the WMD one, but it's been used in this war funded on false statements.

When you say that mosques and hospitals are being used by the resistance I must say that there's no fighting in them, at least until USA troops come inside, but they are used by both insurgents and civilians (although it seems everybody between 15 and 65 is considered a terrorist both by the USA army and the USA) to rest and recover in a 'safe' place. Anyways, there are ways to take them out of a mosque without destroying it, just remember what Israel did in the seize of Bethelem's Nativity church a few years ago.

According to the retreat, what can I say? I think it's better to step back if it's been proven that you're acting bad. Our PM (Spain) took the troops back as 90% of the people were against the invasion and I must say that I'm proud of that decision. By the way, the USA is not being attcked by outside forces, in fact are the Iraquis the ones who are being attcked by foreign invaders instead.

I know I won't change your point of view, and I don't even try to, but I would encourage you to read/watch foreign media if you want to keep informed on this 'War on/of Terror' or, in case you don't trust what foreigners say, you can watch CNN International (on weekends in CNN Financial News channel or in sat).

4:26 PM

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