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Friday, October 29, 2004

Help, someone poisoned me
Let me start with the symptoms: nausea, stomach ache, bad taste and hyper salivation. At least I haven't puked yet.

A few hours ago I went out with some friends, in about three hours we drunk two litres of kalimotxo while eating some supper (it has similar alcoholc like beer) in common (that means that I drank around half a litre in those three hours). I explain this trying to avoid comments saying that I'm drunk.
After that we went to a pub after all that and my mate went to the waitress to get the drinks. I had, as usual, a Tanqueray with Kas citron (Tanqueray is a brand of gin and Kas is a lemmon taste soft drink from Pepsi). I was a bit surprised when I got my drink as it was slightly orange and my gin is transparent and Kas is clear yellow, so, as I saw the waitress pour the 'gin' from the distance, I thought the waitress served me orange Kas instead of citron, the problem came when I tasted it. I am sure it was not Tanqueray or any other gin I've ever drunk, it didn't taste like rum, whisky, vodka, tequila, martini or any other spirit I know. It just tasted and smelled strange, but not bad. I could feel the alcohol effluvia when drinking it, but I couldn't recognise it.

We didn't stay too much in the pub and a few minutes after leaving I began with the symptoms described above. I inmediatly knew what happened: I had been poisoned. They didn't use rat poison or cianide, but some spirit they used to refill the bottles. Unfortunately refilling bottles with cheaper spirit is quite common in some pubs and discos in Spain and it even has a name, 'garrafón', and many people suffer its effects each weekend.

I think I'm going to try to sleep a bit, if I can.
[Escuchando: sindrome de altamira - pedro guerra - bolsillos (2:49)]

Update: Thanks to all the people that have mailed me or post a comment about my health, I'll try to answer personally to each one. I'm ok and I'm sorry I didn't update the blog before, but I've spent most of the week resting a bit.
According to the mail you sent me, refilling spirit bottles is quite common in France and the UK too.


Blogger Free Spirit said...

Do get well soon.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes! That's scary. Get well soon!


11:24 AM

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