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Friday, December 03, 2004

Rain, or the proof that humans are stupid when wet
Studies have proofed that the suicide rates increase during rainy days, but I would go further. Rain affects people i some way that it makes them definitely stupid.

I have asumed that going out without getting fed up at people is impossible. If you use your car to move around the town you soon realize that drivers seem to have forgotten how to drive. They slow down, step the break unexpectedly when there's no need to do so and the time drivers take to speed up in traffic lights increases a hundred per cent. Things are not better if you take a walk under the rainfall as the coordination between the hand that holds the umbrella and the rest of the body of the person that carries it, this can be even dangerous as sometimes the umbrellas seem to come directly to hit your face.

I wonder what the reason for this behaviour can be, maybe, like some machines, men are not supposed to run in high humidity environements? I don't know.
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Blogger apples said...

I knew something had happened to me, I just didn't know what or why... I moved to Bergen, the rainiest city in the world 4 months ago. Things have gone downhill since then, my studies are stuck in a black hole. So it's the rain... who would have thought?

10:19 PM


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