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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Applause for the British

It seems that a coalition of organizations and governments leaded by the UK government will pre-buy millions of the malaria vaccine the Spanish researcher Pedro Alonso is evaluating for GSK ensuring with it it's distribution in third world countries that suffer this disease.

The government would offer to buy enough malaria vaccine to immunize 873 million people for HIV/AIDS, 642 million people for malaria, and 1,534 million people for tuberculosis in covered countries over ten years. The commitment would be backed by a legally binding contract. In the base case scenario, 2643 million DALYs would be saved for HIV/AIDS, 1,114 million DALYs would be saved for malaria, and 983 million DALYs would be saved for tuberculosis. (This is equivalent to 89 million lives for HIV/AIDS, 37 million for malaria, and 33 million lives for tuberculosis.)

This is by far a better way of erradicating malaria than previous campaigns.

Full report
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