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Monday, January 17, 2005

Alexander overdose

I went to the cinema yesterday night to watch this movie. The proyection room was huge, in fact one of the bigger ones I've ever watched a movie in and the screen was extremely big too. You might think that this could be the best place to see an action movie like this one, I thought the same, but things are seen different from the first row of seats.

I got tired of the three hour movie, I got tired of hearing Alex's decaffeinated conversations with his 'friend' Hephaistion, I got tired of the guys sitting inmediately behind me making gay jokes all over the movie, ... fuck, I even got tired of the 9 meters tall face of Angelina Jolie. In fact it is kinda scaring to see her beautiful eyes stare directly at you when they are bigger than you.
[Escuchando: Rats In The Cellar (Bonus) - Aerosmith - You Gotta Move (8:36)]


Blogger Aleksu said...

I'm yet to see the movie.

Something about the wanker that plays Alexander is keeping me from kissing 7 hard earned dollars goodbye.

5:08 PM


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