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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Remapping the Maldives

Historically, cartographers had problems to locate and correctly draw the Maldives until a century ago, and their hard work must be redone again.

The government has asked some cartographic organizations to help redrawing the more than 1200 islands the country has. According to the comments and photos some tiny islands lost several meters of shore, others disappeared under the water and a few of them even moved.

Reuter's press message in plain text
Full report with pictures - Translated by Google

Satellital images of the tsunami's effects in other countries.

Edit: seeking for info about the now sunk islands I have found that some of them, like the Hulhumale, were refloated some years ago. Take a look at it here.

[Escuchando: Armagideon Tenoreko Aztarnak - Fermin Muguruza - Kontrabanda (0:-1)]


Blogger Prentiss Riddle said...

Interesting article about the artificial island. Not a word about the consequences for aquatic habitat, though. It sounds like shallow water is a rarity in that part of the ocean, in which case they likely buried some unique habitat in the process -- not to mention the effect on wherever they dredged up the fill from.

Let us hope that two meters above sea level is high enough.

3:46 AM

Blogger pri said...

Thanks for reminding me about the underwater effects of the tsunami, I made a tiny post with some info about it.

2:56 PM


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