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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How would you feel if...
your elected representants in your country's parliament didn't get up to go to work because they had a Christmas dinner the night before? I bet most of them were under the shower trying to bypass the hangover.

I would feel ashamed if I were one of these (all of them from right wing parties by the way) lazy public workers but I know none of them will as they are used to act in this irrespectful way.

Full report: here - in Spanish only, sorry

Ps: I wonder if I can demand them so they are forced to return today's salary to the public funds as they didn't earn the money.
[Escuchando: Con La Camisa Rota - Marea - 28000 Punaladas (4:46)]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. Damn politicians. Think that the world owes them something instead of the other way around. Nice blog, by the way :-)

5:52 PM

Blogger ennui said...

We used to have a president who'd spend every night in the casino and have a drink fest till the early mornings. He lets his cohorts do all the dirty work and takes the credit for them. We held a massive rally and kicked him out eventually. Hehehehe

8:36 AM

Blogger pri said...

Well, I kinda agree with the president we currently have but I don't feel the same when talking about most of the deputees in the parliament.

Btw, we also rally out not to reelect the same party again on March 14th.

2:32 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

Seems like those were good parties, anyway we can get invited?

And who schedules such an important meeting for Christmas Day? Jeez, who is going to assemble the high tech toys for the kids?

Where I live, we "elected" the Prez that talks to God.

3:08 PM

Blogger ennui said...

oh the poor kids ... i can already see the neglect passing down thru the generations

3:25 PM


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