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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

When help is needed but... what can I do?

The destruction the earthquakes and tsunamis caused all around the Indian Ocean cannot be compared with anything caused by the hands of men, though I'm pretty sure some governments would love to develop a weapon with such a destructive power as this tsunamis. A friend's sister who lives in Tanzania just told me that the big waves already got to the Tanzanian coast killing a dozen of people. Nothing compared to the thousands of victims in Indonesia or Thailand but the distance between the South Eastern Asia and Tanzania can give us an idea of the power of the quake.

As always, these catastrofic events also take the best from ourselves. Several emergency crews and firemen rescue teams that left their homes worldwide a few hours after the quake to provide some help. Pedro and Mikel are two firemen friends that headed to Sri Lanka (I wish you the best of the lucks as that woill mean that you help has been useful). The international communit has bega to send humanitarian shipments and funds for the local authorities to buy first need goods in their home markets

If you want more information about the desaster or want to help and don't know how, take a look at the SEA-EAT blog and here you have a compilation of some NGOs that are currently helping and need support.


Blogger Aleksu said...

Good Lord, don't give the weapon makers any ideas!

One wish one could do a little more than sending money and best wishes to the people affected by this tragedy.

Kudos to those firefighters and rescue team members that rushed to the help of that people in Southern Asia.

5:44 PM


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