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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Weapon inspectors fly out of Iraq

It seems the US has finally accepted what everybody already knew: Sadam didn't have any weapons of massive destruction or was trying to make them when the country was invaded.

The US inspectors sent to the country to verify evidence of Iraq's WMD program have finished their two years search with no results.

Read the article on CNN
News excerpt in Spanish

>> If we still believe the coalition force that invaded Iraq began the war because of this fake proofs, shouldn't someone be held responsible for sending so many guys to death under false statements?
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Blogger Dr. Forbush said...

Now, there is no reason for the US to be in Iraq. Except, that the US made a big mess and they need to clean it up.

10:59 PM

Blogger pri said...

Lets hope they know how to do the 'cleaning', though I doubt so.

1:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, someone should be held responsible but it will take the American people as a whole finally coming to their senses and demanding accountability. Judging from what I'm reading on many many US blogs that is not likely to happen.


11:41 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

It is not about to happen any time soon, I agree.

Sadly, if it ever happens, it will not be over the 100,000 dead Irakis.

The only way it can happen is if the families of the 1,000 plus US soldiers killed in Irak stop watching tv and eating McDonalds and start making a lot of noise for the lies that led to the death of their family members in the military.

Since they do not know what freedom and democracy really mean, that is not about to happen any time soon.

5:14 PM

Blogger mariposatomica said...

When I heard about this I was disgusted. We are in for the long haul and we have dubbya to thank for it.

5:12 AM


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