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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Church approves the use of condom ... at least in Spain

The Spanish conference of bishops made public today, in a press conference right after the meeting with the Health Minister, their opinion about the use of condoms to stop the spreading of AIDS.

This oficial point of view is a slap in the face of the conservative sectors in the Vatican that still claim that condoms are not a good way of stopping AIDS.

Though unusual, it's not the first time catholic priests promote the use of condoms as the best tool to avoid the disease. In fact the Spanish Church has joined a group of institutions that already endorsed the abecedary (ABC -Abstain, Be faithful/reduce partners, use Condoms) on World AIDS Day that was published by 'The Lancet' one month before.

Read full news: in Spanish - translated by Babelfish

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Blogger Chris said...

Reminds me of a scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life:

Mr Blackitt: Look at them, bloody Catholics. Filling the bloody world up with bloody people they can't afford to bloody feed.

Mrs Blackitt: What are we dear?

Mr Blackitt: Protestant, and fiercely proud of it...

Mrs Blackitt: Why do they have so many children...?

Mr Blackitt: Because every time they have sexual intercourse they have to have a baby.

Mrs Blackitt: But it's the same with us, Harry.

Mr Blackitt: What d'you mean...?

Mrs Blackitt: Well I mean we've got two children and we've had sexual intercourse twice.

Mr Blackitt: That's not the point... We *could* have it any time we wanted.

Mrs Blackitt: Really?

Mr Blackitt: Oh yes. And, what's more, because we don't believe in all that Papist claptrap we can take precautions.

Mrs Blackitt: What, you mean lock the door...?

Mr Blackitt: No no, I mean, because we are members of the Protestant Reformed Church which successfully challenged the autocratic power of the Papacy in the mid-sixteenth century, we can wear little rubber devices to prevent issue.

Mrs Blackitt: What do you mean?

Mr Blackitt: I could, if I wanted, have sexual intercourse with you...

Mrs Blackitt: Oh, yes... Harry...

Mr Blackitt: And by wearing a rubber sheath over my old feller I could ensure that when I came off... you would not be impregnated.

Mrs Blackitt: Ooh!

Mr Blackitt: That's what being a Protestant's all about. That's why it's the church for me. That's why it's the church for anyone who respects the individual and the individual's right to decide for him or herself. When Martin Luther nailed his protest up to the church door in 1517, he may not have realised the full significance of what he was doing. But four hundred years later, thanks to him, my dear, I can wear whatever I want on my John Thomas. And Protestantism doesn't stop at the simple condom. Oh no! I can wear French Ticklers if I want.

Mrs Blackitt: You what?

Mr Blackitt: French Ticklers...Black Mambos...Crocodile Ribs...Sheaths that are designed not only to protect but also to enhance the stimulation of sexual congress...

Mrs Blackitt: Have you got one?

Mr Blackitt: Have I got one? Well no... But I can go down the road any time I want and walk into Harry's and hold my head up high, and say in a loud steady voice: 'Harry I want you to sell me a *condom*. In fact today I think I'll have a French Tickler, for I am a Protestant...'

Mrs Blackitt: Well why don't you?

Mr Blackitt: But they... [He points at the stream of children still pouring past the house.]... they cannot. Because their church never made the great leap out of the Middle Ages, and the domination of alien episcopal supremacy!

7:37 AM

Blogger Aleksu said...

I must say I'm amazed the Spanish Church has shown some progressive thought on this issue.

Good for them, maybe is time they wake up.

5:05 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

10:08 PM

Blogger pri said...

Great movie! It's one of the few that hasn't been translated when coming to Spain. I think it would have lost a lot if they had translated the songs. Btw, did you copy the dialogues or have seen the movie so many times that you've memorized it?

Nice to see you back Blex. Yes, it's a nice step ahead but they have been warned by the Vatican today, so I don't know what this wil finally end in.

Chriss, you'd be surprised to see how many people would want the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to act as the Inquisition did centuries ago.

4:36 AM

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