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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Video tutorials
Have you ever felt stupid after watching one of those video tutorials that explain things in a way that seems so easy that it renders impossible for you to do the same?

Well, here's a video of a Japanese Taiwanese girl showing how to fold a t-shirt in less than a second. I had to repeat it four times before I folded it in the right way, but I think I'm gonna use this method from now on.


Edit: Here's another video that shows how to fold t-shirts and shirts step by step.

[Escuchando: Al Culo De Una Lombriz - Marea - 28000 Punaladas (3:47)]


Blogger gribble said...

I had to watch it a few times, but very impressive. What were these people thinking when they came up with this idea? "Oh , I think I'll create a new way to fold clothes in half of the time today."

2:38 AM


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