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Monday, February 07, 2005

IceRocket Bookmarklets
So you want to integrate IceRocket Search to your weblog or site? Then you can use these bookmarklets.
Place the link wherever you want in your site and whenever you click it, a tiny popup will open asking you to introduce your search term and the results page will open.

Do you want to add a button search to any browser? Then grab the button of your choice to the bookmark toolbar/sidebar.

Give them a try, they are all at my IceRocket plugins for Opera page.

IceRocket Web Search Bookmarklet
IceRocket Web SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket Weblog SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket Mobile Phone Pics SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket Friend Search Bookmarklet
IceRocket Friend SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket Image Search Bookmarklet
IceRocket Image SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket News Search Bookmarklet
IceRocket News SearchBookmarklet

IceRocket Multi Media Search Bookmarklet
IceRocket Multi Media Search Bookmarklet

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