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Thursday, June 23, 2005

When torture is an inspiration

Artists are sensible by definition as they have to express their feelings in their artwork, that's why every disturbing event can become a source of inspiration, the seed they will make a piece of art.

When Fernando Botero saw the AbuGhraib episodes of torture he was so impressed that he began to paint the scenes in his particular World.

He has not be the first nor the only one to reproduce the abuses in their works:
Sculpture by Abdul Karim Khalil
Colectivo El Perro "Democracia 05"


Blogger Aleksu said...

Botero is not making any friends among the right wing nuts in the USA.

7:45 PM

Blogger The InstaPLANET Cultural Universe said...

Not only artists respond to the atrocities committed in wartime, POETS also take a stand on the issue. Political poet Jack Hirschman speaks out on just one incident of Suppression of Visual Art that was inspired by the gruesome and disturbing documentary images that came out of Abu Ghraib. In his poems and proclamations he defends the artist's role in social transformation. For further reading on Hirschman, please do to The InstaPLANET Cultural Universe page at
- Thanks for shining a spotlight on this topic.
The InstaPLANET Satellite,
A multi-cultural Journal on the Web at

10:14 PM


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