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Friday, June 04, 2004

Anti-piracy album
I have just taken a look at the referrers that lead you to this webspace and I saw a Google search for 'Juanshows'. It intrigued me as I thought I hadn't writen that word before, in fact I didn't know what it meant. So I did a search for that word in the blog and I found '[Listening: Donde Iran? - Juanshows - No A La Pirateria (3:04)]'. What's this? Have I been hearing something I didn't even know I had in my harddrive?
As you can imagine I made another search, seeking the mp3 file this time. The name of the album was 'No a la piratería' (say no to piracy in Spanish), it seems that the Sgae (Spanish RIAA) made it's best to launch a pop/rock album to teach people the risk piracy means to the music industry. So Vale Music (the company that distributes most of the albums of the Spanish 'Fame Academy' program) came up with this VA album, where most of the artists/groups are almost unknown.
I imagine an discographic executive wearing with his expensive suit offering this groups the recording of these tracks as a way to promote and get their music on the radios nationwide. It could be ok if they would have given any publicity to the album or the groups that appear in it, but I have heard nothing on the radio, seen no ads on TV or music mags and it's even really difficult to find any information about this album even in Internet (the Vale Music's web doesn't even say a word about it).

I have decided promote it a bit here, as it is fresh and it can give you 51 minutes of nice hearing:
01.Juanshows - Donde Iran?[03:04]
02.La Sonrisa Del Diablo - Don Juan[03:12]
03.Nomadas - Volver A Creer[03:15]
04.El Correo Del Zar - Loco[03:25]
05.Nub - Romper El Pasado[03:16]
06.El Grito De Milena - Mi Contradicción[03:21]
07.La Rueda - Contra Corriente[03:31]
08.Zalasha - Mira No Me Veras[03:18]
09.Alberto - Si No Puedo Marte[04:01]
10.Cork - Shikita[04:33]
11.Flores Del Mal - El Lienzo De Mi Vida[04:53]
12.El Secreto De Judith - Toda Mi Vida[03:27]
13.Ego - Lola[04:10]
14.Strombers - Borracha[04:10]
TOTAL TIME:51:36 min

You might wonder what am I going to do with this album, well, I won't delete it as I feel that writing this review I have made even more publicity than the discographic firm, at least on Internet.
By the way, I still don't know how this album came to my HD as I don't usually download music, so I suppose one of my mates used my computer and stored it here or someone sent it to me through IRC, and I really don't care.
[Listening: Contra Corriente - La Rueda - No A La Pirateria (3:31)]

Edit: If anybody has a pic of the cover of the album, please send it to me so I can use it as a image of this article.
Edit: I have been reported that this weblog no longer appears listed in Google when we make a search for 'Juanshows'. I wonder why. I didn't capture Google's window, but this is a capture of my referrers:

Edit: It seems I appear again, well


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