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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Forgive me, I'm guilty of ... SMSing

Not only it's a proof of the paranoia security forces suffer (specially in the US), this article about a guy who has been arrested for sending a SMS to a friend containing lyrics from Tommy Gun reveals that this new high-tech big brothers are dumb as they only search for certain words.
This also proves that our text messaging is being tapped. Maybe we need to start signing every SMS with words like bomb, gun, terror or hostage as we did with our emails when Echelon appeared (Bloggidity's signature generator) so we can overload the wiretapping system. We could also begin to use secure messaging, though it might not be as secure as we might think.

[Listening: Vuelvo a traficar - Melendi - Sin noticias de Holanda (3:48)]


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