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Friday, May 28, 2004

I have been thinking on various ways to improve a little bit this weblog's appearance and it's browsability and I have wonder how the different browsers handle it. Doing a search for internet browsers I have come to a web that offers this as an online service. iCapture lets us see how Safari 1.2 handles it. Not far from that page I found another service where I could test it in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and Opera 7.23.
More than a 99% of the people who will ever browse this blog will use one of the these, but I have also done some tests in OffbyOne, Lynx on a remote shell, Lynx for w32 and even with Winamp.

Last but not least, I have captured a IOD-4 screen. Nice, isn't it?

[Listening: Loco - Macaco - Entre Raices Y Antenas (3:53)]


Blogger matt said...

You're mad! Also, the templates blogger ships with are bound to look fine in most browsers, they're made by blogger!

However, if you don't like it, you can code your own one in HTML.

9:36 PM


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